When you are feeling pressured, worried, or overwhelmed, you’re likely feeling stressed out. Life can be stressful, and that’s not a secret, but that doesn’t make dealing with stress any easier.

Stress does have its benefits, of course, as it pushes you to work harder and to drive yourself toward a better outcome with specific tasks. The problem is that chronic, long-term stress can be horrific for your health. It can affect your neuroendocrine, central nervous, and immune systems.

It’s a fact that people tend to catch more colds and bugs when they’re stressed, and this is because they are immunocompromised. The stress has lowered their immune system, and the bugs are in quickly!

Pharmaceutical drugs can help some of the time, but most people don’t like to be put on medications that alter all their other emotions as well as their stress. Instead, people are turning to CBD and using it as a tool to manage their stress, bringing some much-needed relief.

Chronic stress affects every avenue of your life, from your work and your family to how you move day to day. CBD is quickly positioning itself as one of the leading tools for chronic stress, above the regular and most-preferred treatment methods.

Why Do We Get Stressed?

You only need to look around at the world today to figure this one out. Some of the reasons behind increased stress include:

  • More work piled on
  • Pressures from social groups
  • Social media pressure
  • Juggling earning money and personal lives
  • A lack of job security
  • Potential terrorist attacks
  • Finances
  • The future of the world and our position in life

All of these reasons vary from person to person, but they are the most common reasons behind stress. Chronic stress is a little different from regular stress, but it’s the type that chips away at you every day and makes you feel worse. It’s the response from your body due to prolonged exposure to emotional pressure and it offers up an endocrine response, releasing cortisol through the body.

Stress isn’t something that hits you instantly. It’s slow and insidious, and when you suffer for long enough, you can forget that it’s there in the first place. For some people, chronic stress begins because of a traumatic childhood, and those stresses remain internalized forever. This chronic stress can last for many years, impacting every avenue of your life and making things difficult for you.

The Impacts of Chronic Stress

Without the right support and treatment, chronic stress may be indefinite. It can also result in a range of serious medical conditions that impact you physically rather than just as a part of your mental health. This is anything from acid reflux due to constant stomach tension to insomnia or grinding your teeth while you sleep.

The unfortunate thing is that many people don’t take their worries about their stress levels to their doctor. They sit on it and handle it alone, and this isn’t going to solve the problem. In other cases, people go to their doctor and are offered conventional treatments, and these just don’t work for some.

Conventional Stress Relief Methods

When you see your doctor for chronic stress, it’s a positive step to take toward healing. However, you do need to think about whether you want to rely on the medications that they will provide for you. Medications as prescribed by your doctor are not designed as a long-term solution; they simply mask the problem rather than getting to the bottom of it.

Some of these medications that you are given are not actually made for stress at all. They are there to mask the anxiety that stress can cause you, and this does your health no good in the long term, as they don’t help you to deal with the underlying stress.

There are also side effects to deal with when you take these medications that can send you into a cycle of needing more medications. It’s just not good for your health. These side effects can also lead to even more stress!

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting help. By all means, if you are dealing with a lot of stress in your life, you need help. The good news is that there are plenty of studies to show that CBD is more than capable of treating chronic stress—without all of the messy side effects.

How CBD Can Help to Alleviate Stress

No one wants to allow stress to take hold for too long, not when the side effects can be so difficult to deal with, and when it can overshadow your life. Chronic stress especially has an impact on the endocannabinoid system—but this is good news, as this is exactly where CBD for stress will help.

Studies have shown that those who consume CBD for stress exhibit a reduction in cognitive impairment and anxiety while making a public speech. It helps those with stress because there is a big connection between stress and anxiety, with one leading to the other most of the time.

Other studies that looked more deeply into CBD and its ability to reduce anxiety found that the cannabinoid activated the correct receptors, which impacts the serotonin levels in the brain. This leads to more serotonin circling the body, reducing stress, and improving moods.

Life is becoming more stressful with longer work hours and increased pressures on our finances. The medicines that are preferred are often causing more problems than they solve, leading to further stress. Yet with the help of CBD for stress, there is a better, more natural option to help you to combat those side effects so you can live a little calmer and breathe easier.

Ways to Use CBD

CBD is a highly diverse compound. As such, it can be utilized in a wide variety of different ways.

From CBD topicals and CBD gummies to CBD tinctures and capsules, there are so many ways to use CBD.

You can even enjoy CBD in its most natural state by smoking pure hemp flower. There a wide variety of different hemp strains that contain high concentrations of CBD and little to no THC. In addition, by smoking hemp flower, you can enjoy the many other natural, nutrient-rich compounds produced in the cannabis plant like terpenes and flavanoids.

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